Frenectomy (Lip and Tongue Tie Correction)

Frenectomy is a procedure to correct a condition when the tongue and or lip frenulum is tight or thick, resulting in limited movement of these structures. The tightness of the lip or tongue compromises full movement.
When improper movement of the lip or tongue is diagnosed, a simple surgery called a Frenectomy can be performed to release the attachment and correct the limited movement.
Identifying factors for mothers, infants, and children:
Pain when breastfeeding 
Cracked or bruised nipples
Pain with latch
Incomplete drainage
Plugged ducts 
Prolonged feedings
Gumming or chewing of the nipples
Clicking noises when feeding
Poor weight gain
Poor sleep patterns
Cannot hold a pacifier
Decay on front teeth if labial tie
Speech problems
Gaps between teeth
Esthetic concerns with upper lip drape

All Frenectomies are treated in our surgical suite while parents are in the waiting room. This allows us to concentrate on the surgery and have our attention directed solely to performing the procedure. There are minimal bleeding and post-op pain. Mothers are allowed to nurse immediately after the procedure. The dentist may use infant numbing gel for the procedure and in older children, a local anesthetic will be administered by injection. The numbness can last anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on the type of anesthetic used. Sedation is available for the older apprehensive child if deemed necessary.
Infant follow-up appointments will be necessary at one week, two weeks and at one month.
Most insurances will cover these procedures. Most insurances will cover these procedures. When making an appointment, a letter from your pediatrician, lactation consultant, or speech therapist is required.
If the patient is not insured, the fee will be collected prior to the procedure.



Lip tie before corrective procedure



Tongue tie before corrective procedure