Learn About Our Wentzville, MO Family Dental Practice

Accent Dental of Wentzville is committed to providing your child with the highest quality and best service in dental care. In order to do so, we pride ourselves on staying committed to the following values:
Delivering Exceptional Results
First and foremost, we are focused on results. Our Wentzville dentists understand how important a smile is and how your child looks and feels. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of dentistry in Wentzville, MO.  Our training, when combined with our focus and attention to detail, enables able us to provide the best possible treatment for our patients.
Commitment to Our Patients
We know that many young patients are often uncomfortable when visiting the dentist. Our goal at Accent Dental of Wentzville is to create an atmosphere of comfort and care for the dental treatment needed. In order to do so we have created a warm and relaxed atmosphere at our St. Louis, Missouri office. 
Patient Education
Dental health starts at home, which is exactly why we feel that patient education is a core value of Accent Dental. Especially when working with young kids, introducing a regular dental care routine is so important. We use an open dialogue with our patients and their parents in order to keep them in the loop on the current state of their child’s oral health plan. By educating them on the various options available, Wentzville dentists van create a treatment plan that is right for their individual needs.
Staying Current
Keeping up with the latest dental technology and research is an integral part of what makes Accent Dental the right dentist for your child. The inclusion of the newest dental advancements makes us the leading force for pediatric dentistry in the Wentzville MO area. Our dentists and assistants stay up to date by attending regular conferences as well as reading industry literature, all while maintaining our reputation for the highest quality care in our area.